Sunday, September 30, 2012


I love making stuff.
It is a family tradition.
My Dad was born in 1907, to a farming family, at a time when it was normal for people in New Zealand to make or repair many of the things that they needed.
My Mum also grew up on farms and learnt to bake and sew. She did beautiful embroidery and always mended our woollens.

As a child I watched my parents and family friends create all sorts of things with carpentry, sewing, knitting and crochet ( to name a few of the techniques). I was taught to sew knit and crochet.
The knitting didn't take, but  I still love to sew and crochet.

In the 1970's handcraft was trendy. My friends and I tried all sorts of crafts: macrame, candle making, papercraft, corn dollies, pottery, floristry........ and I continued with my love of crochet.
Throughout my adult life I've made many of the things that I needed or wanted.
Soft furnishings, plant supports, clothing, baby items, toys, items for pets, cosmetics and many more.

I love the internet because it is so easy to find inspiration and instructions.
I also enjoy sharing my creations with others.

This is my creative blog.

                                          Here are a few things that I have crafted recently

                                                          Crochet Hook Case
                                                      Gingerbread Man  Finger Puppets
                                                    100th Birthday Card for my Uncle
                                                                    Bean Tripod
                                                                  Wedding Bouquet
                                                                        Face Cream

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