Friday, October 5, 2012

'Lots of Love' Baby Changing Trolley

My number- two- son, daughter-in-law, Cee, and I made this changing trolly from an old oak teawagon, for the new baby in our family(Blossom). This is Cee and Number Two's present for their new niece.

I used this trolly for changing my sons' nappies, nearly 30 years ago.
It was languishing in  our garage in a sad state.
The top shelf was split, warped and broken away from the frame. Number Two replaced the shelf with an attractive piece of plywood and made the trolley stronger.
Then he and Cee sanded and revarnished it.
 Cee, Blossom's Mummy and I, went shopping for sumptuous fabrics. And then the creating began.
Cee and I made this fitted changing mat from wipeable coated paisley fabric. 

Next we padded the top of the trolley with soft cushions on the knobs and custom made bumpers for the surround. Cee spent ages stuffing the bumpers with recycled cushion stuffing pushed in with the handle of a wooden spoon.
 I made thick absorbant covers for the changing  mat from the pretty co-ordinating fabrics we had chosen. These attach to the mat with velcro.

I made a hanging organiser with pockets for the side of the trolley. This is to keep the most used items close to hand without cluttering the mat area.
I looked up how to make the elastic topped pockets on the internet, They are surprisingly easy.
I used this nappy bag tutorial
Each pocket is custom made to fit the items they hold. I shaped the pockets around the items before i sewed them. The wipes pocket is made large enough for the lid to be wide open when the wipes are being used.
The nappy cream pocket is backed with the wipeable fabric for practicality-no smears on the cotton fabric.
The other two pockets hold a nappy and the roll of liners.  The nappy pocket will hold a few disposables or one  cloth nappy with cover and inner assembled.
The bottom shelf of the trolley has plenty of room for more nappies, spare change mat covers, and clothing.
Eventually it will have more storage baskets to keep it tidy.
The trolley is a great sucess. It serves it's purpose really well.
I would like to hang a mobile above it to keep Blossom entertained while she is having a nappy change.

This is an original design by Cee and I and as such is our intellectual property.
You are welcome to use our ideas but please do not claim or sell it as your own design.

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