Friday, May 30, 2014

Petals for Blossom

My favourite crochet designer is Vita Apala. 
I just love her Mon Petit Violon Designs
They are so original and stylish.
She  has a great website with patterns, crochet articles and wonderful photos of her travels and life in Italy. Mon Petit

When the  Petal Collar Cardigan pattern was released I knew that I would make it for Blossom.
You can buy the pattern here at Vita's Etsy Shop
or here in her Ravelry Shop
I find Vita's patterns  clearly written and fun to make.

This cardigan is for the competition that is currently on the Mon Petit Violon website.
I'm hoping that I will win 6 months of Vita's new patterns. I would love that.

I was  excited when I began making this cardigan.
The last time I made Blossom a jacket was when she was a newborn.
I got some lovely 100% wool yarn that I found in a thrift shop. It’ll be nice and warm for this winter. This is a vintage premium wool yarn, called 'Shepherd Taieri Plains'. A great find.

I had a few practice runs when I started the cardigan, to get the sizing and stitch count correct. I needed to check my yarn would work for size.
I worked from the 1-2 year size instructions.
I made one row less for the yoke, because it seemed big enough.
The grey wool yarn is very fuzzy so I used cream lambswool for the pattern details to get better stitch definition.
The cardigan is very warm and cosy.
I chose coconut shell buttons with a delicate floral pattern.

                                This cardigan looks gorgeous on. I’d definitely make it again. 
            I thought that it had a French flavour so I made Blossom a little beret in matching colours.
                                               She loves wearing her cardigan and beret.

                        Thanks to Hayley Munro Photography for my beautiful cover photo
                                                          of Blossom's  cardigan.

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